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gumdrop a small chewy candy made of flavored gum arabic or gelatin and usu. coated with granulated sugar.
gummy of or resembling gum in texture or consistency. [2 definitions]
gumption (informal) bold initiative; resourcefulness. [2 definitions]
gum resin a mixture of gum and resin that exudes from certain trees and plants.
gumshoe a rubber shoe, such as an overshoe for wearing in wet weather. [2 definitions]
gum tree any tree that exudes gum, such as the eucalyptus, tupelo, or sapodilla.
gumwood the wood of a gum tree, esp. the eucalyptus or sweet gum.
gun an apparatus with a tube made of metal from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are fired. [7 definitions]
gunboat a small armed boat used in shallow waters.
gunboat diplomacy the use or threat of small-scale military intervention to further one nation's interests in another nation.
gun control the practice or policy of enacting and enforcing laws that impose stricter regulations on the sale, possession, and use of guns.
guncotton highly explosive nitrocellulose, made from cotton and used as a propellant and explosive.
gunfight a fight or duel in which guns, esp. pistols, are used. [2 definitions]
gunfire the firing of a gun.
gung-ho (informal) extremely enthusiastic and loyal, often in a naive way.
gunlock the mechanism in some firearms by which the charge is exploded.
gunman a person armed with a gun or skilled in the use of guns, esp. a professional killer.
gunmetal any of various metal alloys that have a dark gray, bluish gray, or black finish. [3 definitions]
gunnel the upper edge of the side of a boat or ship; gunwale.
gunner a soldier, sailor, or the like who operates or helps to operate artillery. [2 definitions]
gunnery the science of making and using guns, esp. heavy artillery. [3 definitions]