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gusty marked by gusts, as of wind or rain. [2 definitions]
gut the food canal or a part of it, esp. the stomach or intestines. [11 definitions]
gutbucket jazz played in a raucous, unsophisticated style.
gutless (informal) lacking courage or determination.
gutsy (informal) bold; courageous. [2 definitions]
gutta-percha the latex exuded from a variety of related Malaysian trees, used to make various cements and coatings.
gutter a shallow channel or trough for draining water, as under the eaves of a roof or along the edge of a road or street. [10 definitions]
guttersnipe a person deemed to come from or have the attributes of the lowest class of society. [2 definitions]
guttural of, pertaining to, or produced in the throat. [4 definitions]
guy1 (informal) a male person; man; fellow. [2 definitions]
guy2 a rope or similar device used to guide or secure something. [2 definitions]
Guyana a South American country on the northeast Atlantic coast between Venezuela and Suriname; formerly British Guiana.
Guy Fawkes Day November 5, a holiday in the UK on the anniversary of Guy Hawkes' failed attempt in 1605 to blow up the House of Lords, celebrated with bonfires and fireworks.
guzzle to consume (alcoholic beverages or the like) greedily, often, or abundantly.
gybe variant of jibe1.
gym (informal) a gymnasium. [4 definitions]
gymnasium a building or large room designed and equipped for physical education and for athletic and gymnastic games and contests. [3 definitions]
gymnast one skilled in gymnastics.
gymnastic of or relating to gymnastics.
gymnastics (used with a pl. verb) physical exercises used to develop and demonstrate muscular strength, agility, and control, esp. with the aid of special equipment such as the parallel bars, the horse, and the high bar. [3 definitions]
gymno- naked; bare.