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gyneco- female.
gynecocracy government by a woman or women.
gynecologist a medical doctor who specializes in gynecology.
gynecology the branch of medicine that deals with the reproductive system and endocrinology of women.
gynephobia irrational fear of women.
gyniatrics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of medicine that deals with disorders peculiar to women.
gyno- female.
gynoecium the female reproductive organs of a flower; carpel, or carpels collectively; pistil, or pistils collectively.
gynophore a stalk that supports a flower's pistil or pistils.
-gynous of or pertaining to females or female organs.
-gyny the state of having or otherwise relating to (such or so many) females. [2 definitions]
gyp (informal) to cheat, swindle, or defraud. [3 definitions]
gypsophila any of various plants that bear delicate clusters of small white or pink flowers; baby's breath.
gypsum a mineral, hydrated calcium sulfate, that resembles chalk and is used to make plaster of Paris, plaster and wallboard, and fertilizers.
Gypsy one of a nomadic people, originally from India, now found throughout the world. [3 definitions]
gypsy moth a moth having as its larva a hairy caterpillar that is extremely destructive to foliage.
gyrate to move or revolve on or around a fixed point or axis, or in a circle or spiral; rotate; spin.
gyration the act of gyrating; rotation.
gyre a ring, circle, or spiral. [2 definitions]
gyrfalcon any of several large falcons found in or near the arctic, having white, gray, and black plumage.
gyro1 a gyroscope. [2 definitions]