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half-sole to repair (shoes or boots) by putting on new half soles.
half sole a sole for a shoe or boot that extends from the instep to the toe.
half-staff a point midway up a mast or staff; half-mast.
half step in music, a semitone. [2 definitions]
half tide the condition or point in time of a tide halfway between its peak ebb and flow.
half-timbered of a house or other building, having an exposed framework of vertical, horizontal, or diagonal timbers, with the spaces in between filled with plaster or brick.
half time the intermission between the two halves of certain sports events, such as football or basketball games.
halftone in art, an intermediate tone, shade, or value between light and dark. [4 definitions]
half-track a motor vehicle, esp. an armored military one, with an endless-chain track on the rear drive wheels, or the track itself.
half-truth a partially true or correct statement, esp. one that intentionally omits facts essential for full truthfulness or accuracy, or includes some untruths.
half volley a racket stroke, as in tennis, that hits the ball just as it bounces up after striking the ground.
halfway to or at the midpoint between two ends or conditions. [4 definitions]
halfway house a special residence where people who have been released from institutions, such as mental patients, prisoners, and drug addicts, are helped to adjust to ordinary life.
half-wit one who is mentally retarded or deficient. [2 definitions]
halibut any of several large, edible flatfishes found in the northern Atlantic or Pacific.
halide a chemical compound consisting of a halogen and one other element or group.
halite a mineral composed of sodium chloride; rock salt.
halitosis foul-smelling breath.
hall a narrow passageway in a building; corridor. [3 definitions]
hallelujah an exclamation used to express praise, as of God, or joy or gratitude. [2 definitions]
Halley's Comet a comet, last seen in 1986, that returns every seventy-six years.