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hardly almost not at all; barely; scarcely; only just. [2 definitions]
hard maple the sugar maple.
hardness the state or condition of being hard. [2 definitions]
hard-nosed tough and practical; hardheaded.
hard-on (vulgar slang) an erection of the penis.
hard palate the hard, bony part of the roof of the mouth. (Cf. soft palate.)
hardpan any hard layer beneath the soil, such as hard subsoil or clay. [2 definitions]
hard rock a style of rock music characterized by heavy amplification and harsh or distorted electric guitar.
hard rubber rubber made tough and inflexible by treating it with sulfur at a high heat, used for hair combs, insulation, and the like.
hard sauce a sweet, creamy mixture of butter, confectioner's sugar, and rum or brandy that is often served over plum puddings, steamed cakes, and the like.
hard sell an aggressive method or instance of selling or advertising; high-pressure salesmanship.
hard-shell having a hard shell, as clams and crabs of certain kinds or in certain phases. [3 definitions]
hardship a condition of severe want, poverty, or suffering. [2 definitions]
hardtack a hard biscuit made with flour and water only, formerly used esp. aboard ship.
hardtop an automobile with a hard, immovable top, esp. when made to look like a convertible.
hardware tools and equipment made chiefly of metal. [3 definitions]
hard wheat wheat that has hard kernels containing a high amount of protein, used to make semolina and pasta; durum. (Cf. soft wheat.)
hardwood any of several types of tree, such as the oak, cherry, or mahogany, that have broad leaves, bear seeds enclosed in an ovary, and yield dense, compact wood. [2 definitions]
hard-working tending to work hard.
hardy able to endure hardship; rugged; courageous. [2 definitions]
hare any of various plant-eating mammals that resemble and are related to the rabbit, but that usu. are larger and have longer ears and hind legs.