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hari-kari see "hara-kiri."
hark to listen or give heed; pay attention, esp. to sounds, words of advice, or the like.
hark back to return to a previous point, or, as in memory, to an earlier time or subject.
harken variant of hearken.
Harlem a section of northern Manhattan in New York City, mostly African American since the early 1900s and with a substantial Hispanic population, known for both its poverty and its cultural richness.
Harlem Globetrotters world-renowned U.S. basketball team founded in 1927, which plays exhibition matches highlighting their extraordinary skill and comic maneuvers.
harlequin (often cap.) a clown in Italian popular comedy of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, traditionally masked and dressed in multicolored diamond-patterned tights. [3 definitions]
harlot a promiscuous woman, esp. one who sells sexual services; prostitute.
harlotry prostitution.
harm injury or damage, either psychological or physical. [3 definitions]
harmful causing or likely to cause harm; damaging; dangerous.
harmless lacking the power or intention to cause harm.
harmonic in music, related to harmony. [3 definitions]
harmonica a small rectangular hand-held wind instrument played by blowing and inhaling air over a set of metal reeds recessed beneath a row of air holes; mouth organ.
harmonics (used with a sing. verb) the study of the physical characteristics of musical sound. [2 definitions]
harmonious characterized by harmony or agreement. [2 definitions]
harmonist a musician who is expert in harmony. [2 definitions]
harmonium a small keyboard organ that produces tones when air from a pedal-operated bellows is drawn through metal reeds.
harmonize to make harmonious; bring into harmony. [3 definitions]
harmony a state of agreement or accord; unity. [4 definitions]
harness a set of connected straps and other parts by which a wheeled vehicle, such as a cart or carriage, is attached to a draft animal and by means of which the animal is guided and controlled. [5 definitions]