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Harvard University an Ivy League university in the U.S. founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, considered a world center for research and scholarship.
harvest the gathering of ripe crops, the crops themselves or the amount so gathered, or the season in which they are gathered. [7 definitions]
harvestable combined form of harvest.
harvester one who harvests. [2 definitions]
harvest fly any of several cicadas whose shrill noise is heard in late summer.
harvestman a man who harvests crops. [2 definitions]
harvest moon the full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox.
harvest mouse a very small European mouse that nests in grain fields.
has 3rd person present sing. of have.
has-been one who is no longer capable of, effective at, or valued for something he or she once did well.
hasenpfeffer a peppery stew of marinated rabbit.
hash1 a dish of chopped or minced food, usu. meat and vegetables that have already been cooked once, that is browned by frying or is reheated in gravy. [6 definitions]
hash2 (chiefly British) the pound, or number, sign (#).
hash browns a dish made of fried chopped potatoes.
hashish the dried flowers, tops, and leaves of the hemp plant, or the narcotics extracted from them esp. for smoking.
hash out (informal) to review or consider thoroughly.
hash over (informal) to speak of (something discussed or gone before); review; recollect.
hashtag a word or phase preceded by the hash sign (#), used in social media to identify or search for a particular topic.
Hasid a member of a Jewish sect, founded in Poland in the eighteenth century, that emphasizes strict adherence to ritual and joyful worship of God.
hasn't contracted form of "has not".
hasp a slotted fastener that fits over a staple and is held in place by a pin or lock slipped through the staple, used esp. on doors and lidded containers. [2 definitions]