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hatred a feeling of hate or intense dislike; animosity.
hatter a person who makes, sells, or cleans and repairs hats.
hauberk a tunic of chain mail, reaching to the knees and worn for protection in battle in the Middle Ages.
haughty proud in a manner that shows disdain for others; arrogant.
haul to pull or draw forcibly; drag or tug. [9 definitions]
haulage the fee charged for transporting goods.
haunch the hip and fleshy parts of the buttock and thigh. [2 definitions]
haunt to inhabit or frequent as a ghost. [4 definitions]
haunted inhabited or visited by ghosts. [2 definitions]
haunting coming back to the mind again and again; not easy to forget.
Hausa a member of a native people inhabiting southern Niger and northern Nigeria. [2 definitions]
hautboy formerly, an oboe.
haute couture (French) the leading, most influential designers and creators of fashions in clothing, and the fashions they create; high fashion.
haute cuisine (French) the preparation of food by elaborate, highly refined methods, esp. by skilled professional chefs.
hauteur arrogance of manner or attitude; haughtiness.
haut monde (French) rich, prominent, or fashionable people; high society.
Havana the seaport capital of Cuba.
have to possess; own. [15 definitions]
have a bee in one's bonnet to be obsessed with a single idea or intention.
have a bone to pick to have reason for an argument or difference of opinion.
have an ax to grind to have a personal motive in pursuing something.