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have done with to have no further relationship or connection with; end.
have fun to enjoy oneself, usually while doing something purely for pleasure or entertainment rather than while doing something that requires effort.
have got (present tense only) to own; possess.
have got to (present tense only) have to; must.
haven a ship's anchorage; harbor or port. [3 definitions]
have-not (usu. pl.) one who is without wealth and other elements of financial security.
haven't contracted form of "have not".
have one's ear to the ground to pay attention to or be aware of upcoming ideas and events.
have one's fingers crossed to hope for a good outcome.
have one's head on the chopping block to take, or be subject to, a great risk, as of being severely criticized or fired.
have one's wits about one to stay alert and watchful.
have pity on to treat mercifully or help because of pity.
haversack a strong bag with a single strap, usu. worn over one shoulder and used to carry food or supplies.
have (something) down pat (informal) to have learned something thoroughly.
have something on the brain to be preoccupied with.
have sternway on of a vessel, to move backward.
have to to have the necessity to do something; be required to; must. [2 definitions]
have to do with to be about or be connected with something.
havoc ruin or devastation. [2 definitions]
haw1 the fruit of a hawthorn bush or tree.
haw2 to pause or stumble in speaking, or make a noise indicating a pause or stumble. [2 definitions]