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haw2 to pause or stumble in speaking, or make a noise indicating a pause or stumble. [2 definitions]
haw3 turn left! (used as a command to a draft animal). (Cf. gee1.) [2 definitions]
Hawaii a North Pacific island state of the United States. [2 definitions]
Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time the standard time used in Hawaii and the Aleutian Islands, ten hours behind Greenwich time.
Hawaiian of or pertaining to Hawaii or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
hawk1 a bird of prey that has a short hooked beak and curved claws and is similar to but usu. smaller than an eagle. [5 definitions]
hawk2 to offer (goods) for sale by crying out or going from place to place.
hawk3 to try to clear phlegm from the throat, as by coughing.
hawker1 a person who hunts using trained hawks; falconer.
hawker2 a person who tries to sell goods by crying out or going from place to place; peddler.
hawk-eyed having extremely keen eyesight.
hawk moth any of various moths with a thick body, long, slender wings, and a long feeding tube used for sipping nectar from flowers while in flight; sphinx moth.
hawksbill a sea turtle with a hawklike beak and a horny shell that is a source of tortoiseshell.
hawkweed any of various plants related to the daisy, with leaves growing from the base of the stem, and yellow or red flowers.
hawse the part of a ship containing the hawseholes. [2 definitions]
hawsehole a hole in the bow of a ship through which an anchor cable is passed.
hawsepipe an iron or steel pipe in the hole on either side of a ship's bow, through which the anchor cable is passed.
hawser a thick rope or cable used for towing or mooring a ship.
hawthorn any of numerous shrubs or small trees having long thorns and bearing white or pink flowers and reddish fruits.
hay grass, clover, alfalfa, or the like that is cut, dried, and stored for animal food. [6 definitions]
haycock a small conical mound of hay that is drying in the field.