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hawser a thick rope or cable used for towing or mooring a ship.
hawthorn any of numerous shrubs or small trees having long thorns and bearing white or pink flowers and reddish fruits.
hay grass, clover, alfalfa, or the like that is cut, dried, and stored for animal food. [6 definitions]
haycock a small conical mound of hay that is drying in the field.
hay fever an allergic reaction to plant pollen, characterized by mucus from the nose, sneezing, and headache.
hayfield a field of grass or other plants as a source of hay.
hayfork a long-handled fork for moving hay; pitchfork. [2 definitions]
hayloft the upper part of a barn or stable, used for storing hay.
haymaker (informal) a knockout blow with the fist. [2 definitions]
haymow a barn loft for storing hay; hayloft. [2 definitions]
hayride a pleasure ride by a group of people in an open wagon that is partly filled with hay.
hayseed grass seed that has fallen from hay. [3 definitions]
haystack a large stack of hay formed for outdoor storage.
haywire (informal) out of order; broken. [3 definitions]
hazard danger or risk. [6 definitions]
hazardous having great or numerous dangers; risky; perilous. [2 definitions]
haze1 a collection in the air of very fine particles, as of mist, smoke, or dust, that partly obscures vision of distant objects. [2 definitions]
haze2 to subject (someone, esp. a newcomer) to abusive treatment or to humiliating pranks or teasing, often as part of an initiation ceremony.
hazel any of various shrubs or small trees, many of which bear edible nuts. [5 definitions]
hazelnut the edible nut of a hazel; filbert.
hazy marked or obscured by haze; misty. [2 definitions]