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heed to give one's attention to; take notice of. [3 definitions]
heedless careless or reckless.
heehaw the braying sound made by a donkey. [3 definitions]
heel1 the round, rear part of the human foot, or the corresponding part in animals. [8 definitions]
heel2 to lean to one side, as a boat. [3 definitions]
heeled having heels. [2 definitions]
heeler a person who heels shoes. [2 definitions]
heeltap a small amount of liquor left in a glass or bottle.
heft weight or heaviness, esp. as perceived by lifting. [3 definitions]
hefty of considerable weight or bulk. [2 definitions]
Hegelian of or concerning Hegel or his philosophy. [2 definitions]
hegemony predominance of one country or social group over others by virtue of leadership or influence.
hegira (cap.) Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D. [2 definitions]
heifer a cow less than three years old, esp. one that has not had a calf.
heigh an exclamation used to show pleasure, attract attention, express surprise, and the like.
heigh-ho an exclamation used to express fatigue, boredom, or disappointment, or to show surprise.
height vertical extent or altitude; distance up. [5 definitions]
heighten to make higher. [5 definitions]
Heimlich maneuver an emergency technique used to stop a person from choking in which one wraps one's arms around the person's middle from behind and applies sharp pressure to force air from the lungs and eject the object.
heinous extremely wicked or despicable; atrocious.
heir a person who receives or has the right to receive, upon another's death, that person's rank or property. [2 definitions]