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heir a person who receives or has the right to receive, upon another's death, that person's rank or property. [2 definitions]
heir apparent one whose right to inherit property or a title cannot be legally denied if the ancestor dies without having made a will. (See heir presumptive.)
heiress a female heir, esp. one who is entitled to or has inherited a large fortune.
heirless combined form of heir.
heirloom an object passed down to successive generations of a family.
heir presumptive one whose right to inherit property or a title may be legally set aside in favor of a closer relative born before the ancestor dies. (See heir apparent.)
heist (informal) a planned burglary, robbery, or holdup, esp. one in which art, jewelry, or a large sum of money is taken.
hejira hegira.
hekto- variant of hecto-.
held past tense and past participle of hold1.
Helena the capital of Montana.
Helen Keller deaf-blind pupil of Anne Sullivan who became a celebrated U.S. author, lecturer, and social activist (b.1880--d.1968).
Helen of Troy in Greek legend and The Iliad, the beautiful woman of Sparta whose abduction started the Trojan War.
helical pertaining to, having the form of, or similar to a helix; spiral.
helices a plural form of helix.
helicoid coiled or curving in the form of a spiral. [2 definitions]
helicopter a type of aircraft held aloft and propelled by horizontally rotating blades attached to its top side.
helio- sun.
heliocentric having the sun's center as an imagined vantage point or as a starting point for measurements. [2 definitions]
heliograph a mirrored instrument that transmits signals by intermittently reflecting the sun's rays. [2 definitions]
Helios in Greek mythology, the god personifying the sun; Sol.