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hemp nettle any of several plants native to Europe and Asia that resemble hemp and have stiff hairs like those of the nettle.
hemstitch to stitch a hem along a narrow strip where parallel threads have been pulled out, producing a decorative openwork border on (a fabric). [2 definitions]
hen a female bird, esp. a chicken.
hen-and-chickens any of several fleshy plants that propagate by runners, such as the common houseleek.
henbane a hairy, malodorous, and poisonous plant of the Mediterranean area whose juice is used to make some medicines.
henbit a spreading European weed, related to mint, that has opposite, toothed leaves and bears small white, pink, or purple flowers.
hence therefore; for this reason; thus. [2 definitions]
henceforth from this point on; from now on.
henceforward from this time on; henceforth.
henchman a loyal follower and helper, esp. of someone engaged in unethical or criminal plots or deeds.
henequen an agave plant native to Yucatan with large thick leaves. [2 definitions]
henhouse a building or structure in which poultry is kept.
henna a reddish dyestuff used in coloring hair and leather. [4 definitions]
hennery a farm, shelter, or pen for poultry.
henotheism belief in or worship of one god without denying that others may exist.
henpeck (informal) to dominate (one's husband) by constantly nagging or criticizing.
Henri Bergson a French philosopher (b.1859--d.1941).
henry a unit of electrical inductance equal to the inductance of a closed circuit in which current varies at the rate of one ampere per second to produce an electromotive force of one volt.
Henry David Thoreau a U.S. naturalist and writer (b.1817--d.1862).
Henry Ford U.S. automobile manufacturer and inventor who created the Ford Motor company and pioneered mass production of automobiles (b.1863--d.1947).
heparin an organic acid that occurs in liver and lung tissue and is sometimes used to prevent blood clots.