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henry a unit of electrical inductance equal to the inductance of a closed circuit in which current varies at the rate of one ampere per second to produce an electromotive force of one volt.
Henry David Thoreau a U.S. naturalist and writer (b.1817--d.1862).
Henry Ford U.S. automobile manufacturer and inventor who created the Ford Motor company and pioneered mass production of automobiles (b.1863--d.1947).
heparin an organic acid that occurs in liver and lung tissue and is sometimes used to prevent blood clots.
hepatectomy removal of all or part of the liver by surgery.
hepatic of or relating to the liver. [4 definitions]
hepatica any of several forest plants of North America that bear white to purplish flowers.
hepatitis inflammation of the liver. (See infectious hepatitis.)
hepato- liver.
hepatoma cancer of or from the liver.
Hephaestus in Greek mythology, the god of fire and metalworking; Vulcan.
Hepplewhite of or concerning a furniture style of late eighteenth-century Europe and America, featuring graceful curves.
hepta- seven.
heptachlor an insoluble waxy solid used as an insecticide.
heptad a group or series of seven.
heptagon a polygon with seven sides and seven angles.
heptameter a line or unit of verse consisting of seven metrical feet or measures.
heptane a flammable hydrocarbon distilled from petroleum and used in products such as fuels and solvents.
heptarchy a government or state controlled by seven persons. [2 definitions]
heptastich a poem or poetic unit with seven verses or lines.
heptavalent having a chemical valence of seven.