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hereabout in this area or vicinity; around, about, or near here.
hereafter after this in time, place, or order; from this point on. [3 definitions]
hereat at this moment; when this happens or happened. [2 definitions]
hereby by this sign or indication; at this moment.
hereditable see heritable.
hereditary of or pertaining to traits or tendencies that can be genetically transmitted from parent to offspring. [3 definitions]
heredity the genetic transmission of traits or tendencies from parent to offspring. [2 definitions]
Hereford any of a breed of beef cattle having reddish coats, white faces, and other white markings.
herein in this document, place, or situation.
hereinabove in what precedes (in a text, statement, or the like).
hereinafter in what follows (in a text, statement, or the like).
hereinto into this place, or into this subject, situation, or the like.
hereof about this or of this.
hereon immediately after this. [2 definitions]
here's contracted form of "here is".
here's to I wish success, health, prosperity, or the like for (a person, group, project, period of time, or the like); here is a toast to (a person or the like).
heresy a religious belief or doctrine not in keeping with the established doctrine of a church, esp. the rejection of or dissent from any aspect of Roman Catholic Church dogma by a baptized church member. [3 definitions]
heretic a person who maintains unorthodox religious opinions or beliefs, esp. a baptized Roman Catholic who dissents from official church doctrine. [2 definitions]
heretical of, relating to, or characteristic of an opinion or belief that challenges deeply established social, political, or religious views.
hereto to this location, document, or subject.
heretofore prior to this time; before now.