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heresy a religious belief or doctrine not in keeping with the established doctrine of a church, esp. the rejection of or dissent from any aspect of Roman Catholic Church dogma by a baptized church member. [3 definitions]
heretic a person who maintains unorthodox religious opinions or beliefs, esp. a baptized Roman Catholic who dissents from official church doctrine. [2 definitions]
heretical of, relating to, or characteristic of an opinion or belief that challenges deeply established social, political, or religious views.
hereto to this location, document, or subject.
heretofore prior to this time; before now.
hereunder under this, or following this (in a text, statement, or the like). [2 definitions]
hereunto hereto.
hereupon on this. [2 definitions]
herewith by this means.
heritable capable of inheriting or of being inherited.
heritage something that is inherited from earlier generations. [2 definitions]
herky-jerky (informal) awkwardly irregular; not smooth.
herl a feather barb or barbs, used esp. in artificial fishing flies. [2 definitions]
hermaphrodite an individual with both male and female reproductive organs. [2 definitions]
hermaphrodite brig a sailing ship with a foremast that has square sails and a mainmast that has sails parallel to the keel.
Hermes in Greek mythology, the messenger of the gods and the god of travelers, invention, commerce, and eloquence; Mercury.
hermetic preventing or sealed to prevent the influx or escape of air; airtight. [3 definitions]
hermit a person who has withdrawn from society to live a solitary, often religious life; recluse. [2 definitions]
hermitage any place where a hermit lives. [3 definitions]
hermit crab any of numerous crabs that have soft unprotected abdomens and that live in the discarded shells of mollusks such as snails.
Hernando CortÚs a Spanish explorer and conqueror of Mexico (1485-1547).