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Herr a German title of respect for men, preceding family names and professional titles, and corresponding to English "Mr." or "Sir".
herring any of various small fishes, found mostly in northern waters, that are caught in great numbers for food. [2 definitions]
herringbone a V-shaped pattern of rows of short parallel lines alternately slanted in opposite directions. [5 definitions]
hers a possessive form of she; that or those belonging to her.
herself used to show that an action is done to or in connection with the same female person or female animal who performs the action. [4 definitions]
hertz a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second. (abbr.: Hz)
Hertzian wave an electromagnetic wave, such as a radio wave, produced when electricity is oscillated in a conductor.
Herzegovina see "Bosnia and Herzegovina."
he's contracted form of "he is," or contracted form of "he has."
Heshvan the second month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late October through early November in the Gregorian calendar.
hesitancy doubt, uncertainty, or indecision.
hesitant uncertain or in doubt; hesitating.
hesitantly with caution, uncertainty, or shyness.
hesitate to refrain momentarily from carrying out some action; pause in uncertainty. [2 definitions]
hesitation the act or state of hesitating.
Hessian any of the German mercenaries that served with the British during the American Revolution.
Hessian fly a small fly, the larvae of which infest and consume the stems of grasses, wheat, and other grain plants.
hetaera in ancient Greek society, a female paramour or concubine, often a member of a class of educated slaves or cultured companions. [2 definitions]
hetero- different; other.
heterocyclic of or involving chemical compounds whose molecules are rings of carbon atoms with at least one atom of another element. [2 definitions]
heterodox deviating from an officially approved belief or doctrine, esp. in religion. [2 definitions]