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hibiscus any of numerous plants related to mallow, with large, attractive, and colorful flowers.
hiccup a sudden, spasmodic inhalation that is cut off by the involuntary closing of the windpipe. [4 definitions]
hic jacet (Latin) here lies; usu. part of an epitaph or tombstone inscription.
hick an unsophisticated person from a rural area; yokel.
hickey (informal) any gadget or device called so for convenience. [3 definitions]
hickory any of a number of deciduous trees of the walnut family, found mostly in North America and in some varieties producing edible nuts and commercially useful wood. [2 definitions]
hid past tense and a past participle of hide.
hidalgo a member of the lower nobility in Spain, below a grandee.
hidden not in plain view; concealed, covert, or secret. [2 definitions]
hide1 to put or hold out of sight; keep from view; conceal. [3 definitions]
hide2 the skin of one of the larger animals such as a buffalo or cow. [3 definitions]
hide-and-seek a game, usu. played by children, in which all hide except one, who tries to find the others.
hideaway a place suitable for hiding; hideout. [3 definitions]
hidebound unyielding in one's stance or opinion. [2 definitions]
hideous exceptionally ugly or frightening in appearance; repulsive. [3 definitions]
hideout a place suitable for hiding, esp. from the police.
hiding1 the act or condition of concealing or being concealed. [2 definitions]
hiding2 a thrashing, flogging, or severe beating.
hie to go speedily; hurry. [2 definitions]
hierarch one who holds a position of authority in a hierarchy, esp. an ecclesiastical one; high priest.
hierarchical of, pertaining to, or organized as a hierarchy. [2 definitions]