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highly with praise or appreciation. [3 definitions]
High Mass a Catholic mass in which parts of the text are sung by the celebrant, often with additional music, incense, and ceremony. (Cf. Low Mass.)
high-minded displaying or possessing a great concern for ethical principles or lofty ideals or sentiments.
highness the state of being high or tall; height. [2 definitions]
high noon precisely noon. [2 definitions]
high-octane having a high octane number.
high-pitched of a sound, shrill or sharp; characterized by a high frequency. [4 definitions]
high-powered characterized by great vitality, energy, or force.
high-pressure of, concerning, or characterized by a pressure much higher than normal atmospheric pressure. [4 definitions]
high priest a priestly leader, esp. of ancient Judaism. [2 definitions]
high priestess a woman who functions as a high priest.
high-proof of an alcoholic liquor, containing a relatively high percentage of alcohol.
high-quality of a quality higher than average.
high relief in friezes and the like, the projection of sculptured figures by about one half of their natural depth.
high-resolution pertaining to an image that has fine detail and a large number of pixels per unit area, or to a device that produces such an image.
high-rise of, concerning, typical of, or being a building that has many stories and elevators. [2 definitions]
highroad a course or direction that is easy or sure.
high school a school consisting of grades nine or ten through twelve or, formerly, grades seven through twelve.
high seas the area of a sea or ocean outside the territorial limit of any country.
high-sounding imposing or impressive-sounding but pretentious.
high-speed designed to travel or operate at higher-than-standard speeds.