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hilarious exceptionally funny or amusing. [2 definitions]
hilarity noisy or boisterous merriment.
hill an elevated area of land, smaller than a mountain. [4 definitions]
hillbilly (informal) a person who comes from a remote rural area, esp. from the mountainous region of the southern United States; often, a person considered to be primitive or backward because of this residence or origin. [2 definitions]
Hillel a Palestinian rabbi who formulated the earliest rules for the interpretation of Jewish scripture (60? B.C.-9? A.D.).
hillock a relatively small hill or mound.
hill of beans (informal) something insignificant or barely worth consideration (used in negative constructions).
hillside the sloping part of a hill.
hilltop the highest part of a hill; summit.
hilly having numerous hills.
hilt the part by which a sword, knife, tool, or the like is held; handle.
hilum a scar on a seed formed where it was formerly attached to the seed stalk. [2 definitions]
him the male human or animal already mentioned (considered as an object of a verb or preposition).
Himalayan of, concerning, or resembling the Himalayas. [3 definitions]
Himalayan Mountains a mountain range between India and Tibet that includes the world's highest peaks.
Himalayas a mountain range between India and Tibet that includes the world's highest peaks (prec. by the).
Himeji a city in southern Honshu, Japan, site of the country's oldest intact castle.
Himeji Castle a complex of buildings, with towers and multi-layered roofs, built around 1600 on Mt. Hime in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
himsa (Sanskrit) violence. "Himsa" is the opposite of "ahimsa," the principle of nonviolence.
himself referring to the reflexive action of a male human or animal, or to one whose sex is unknown. [3 definitions]
Hinayana the earlier and more conservative branch of Buddhism, which emphasizes self-discipline, meditation, and self-purification. (Cf. Mahayana.)