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hipbone the three fused bones that form one side of the pelvis.
hip-hop the culture of rap music and its associated styles of dance, dress, behavior, and speech, which originated among young, inner-city African Americans in the 1970s. [3 definitions]
hip-huggers pants designed to be fitted tightly at the hips instead of at the waistline.
hip joint the ball-and-socket joint consisting of the head of the femur and its receptacle in the pelvis.
hipped1 having hips. [3 definitions]
hipped2 (informal) very enthusiastic or obsessed (fol. by "on").
hippie someone, esp. of the late 1960s, who rejects the established values of contemporary society, and who demonstrates that rejection through unconventional dress and behavior, and by advocating pacifism and communal living. (See flower child.)
hippo (informal) hippopotamus.
hippocampus one of two ridges of nerve matter that extend along the lateral ventricles of the brain from the olfactory lobe to the rear of the cerebrum.
Hippocrates a Greek physician (460?-377? B.C.).
Hippocratic oath an oath to follow the ethical codes of the medical profession, usu. taken by new physicians.
hippodrome an outdoor arena for horse shows, circuses, or other public spectacles. [2 definitions]
hippopotamus a very large, bulky, nearly hairless plant-eating African mammal that lives mostly in and close to water.
hippy1 having large hips.
hippy2 variant of hippie.
hip roof a roof whose sides and ends slope downward.
hircine of or resembling a goat, esp. in odor.
hire to take on as an employee for money or other reward. [4 definitions]
hireling someone who hires himself or herself out, esp. to do menial or unpleasant tasks. [2 definitions]
hire out to offer one's services for a fee.
hiring hall an employment office or center, esp. one where a union places applicants in positions according to their seniority as union members, or by the principle of rotation.