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hippo (informal) hippopotamus.
hippocampus one of two ridges of nerve matter that extend along the lateral ventricles of the brain from the olfactory lobe to the rear of the cerebrum.
Hippocrates a Greek physician (460?-377? B.C.).
Hippocratic oath an oath to follow the ethical codes of the medical profession, usu. taken by new physicians.
hippodrome an outdoor arena for horse shows, circuses, or other public spectacles. [2 definitions]
hippopotamus a very large, bulky, nearly hairless plant-eating African mammal that lives mostly in and close to water.
hippy1 having large hips.
hippy2 variant of hippie.
hip roof a roof whose sides and ends slope downward.
hircine of or resembling a goat, esp. in odor.
hire to take on as an employee for money or other reward. [5 definitions]
hireling someone who hires himself or herself out, esp. to do menial or unpleasant tasks. [2 definitions]
hire out to offer one's services for a fee.
hiring hall an employment office or center, esp. one where a union places applicants in positions according to their seniority as union members, or by the principle of rotation.
Hiroshima a city in southwest Honshu, Japan, on which the United States dropped an atomic bomb in August, 1945--the first use of a nuclear weapon in history. Hiroshima has been rebuilt and is a thriving city.
hirsute covered with hair or stiff hairs; hairy or shaggy.
his that thing or those things belonging to that male person or animal previously mentioned. [2 definitions]
Hispanic Spanish or of Spanish descent or origin. [3 definitions]
Hispaniola a West Indies island shared by Haiti in the western part and the Dominican Republic in the eastern part.
hispid having a covering of bristlelike hairs, or stiff tiny projections, as the stems of some plants or certain animal parts.
hiss to produce a sound by pushing air past teeth held close together, as if prolonging an "s." [4 definitions]