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holdfast any device used to attach a thing to a surface, such as a clamp, nail, or hook. [2 definitions]
hold good to remain valid (used esp. in reference to an offer, guarantee, promise, or the like).
holding the act of one that holds. [2 definitions]
holding company a corporation that controls other companies, either partially or totally, by ownership of their stock.
holding pattern the flying pattern of an aircraft while it awaits clearance to land at an airport.
hold off to delay or refrain from (doing something). [3 definitions]
hold on to wait or stop. [5 definitions]
hold one's breath to wait with great anticipation.
hold one's horses to be patient, calm, or restrained.
hold one's own to maintain a position equal to that of another.
hold one's peace to stay quiet; not speak.
holdout the act or an instance of holding out. [2 definitions]
hold out to refuse to comply until conditions are more favorable (usu. fol. by "for"). [3 definitions]
holdover someone or something that remains from an earlier period, such as a political appointee from a previous administration. [2 definitions]
hold over to keep (something) going longer than planned originally. [2 definitions]
hold still to keep one's body from moving; remain in a still position. [2 definitions]
hold tight to keep one's position or opinion and await further events.
holdup a delay or interruption in the progress of something. [2 definitions]
hold up to keep (something) from falling; support. [5 definitions]
hold water to be logical, believable, or valid.
hole an opening or hollow cavity in something. [9 definitions]