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Holy Office an organization within the Roman Catholic Church that oversees matters of doctrine and morality.
holy of holies the inner chamber of the Jewish tabernacle and temple, that housed the ark of the covenant. [2 definitions]
holy orders the rite of ordination into the priesthood. [3 definitions]
Holy Roman Empire the empire of central European, Germanic-speaking nations and Italy, beginning with Charlemagne's reign as Roman emperor in 800 A.D. or the crowning of Otto I in 962, and ending in 1806.
Holy Scripture (sometimes pl.) the Bible, esp. the Old and New Testaments.
Holy See the office or jurisdiction of the pope; Apostolic See.
Holy Spirit the third member of the Christian Trinity; Holy Ghost.
holystone a flat piece of soft sandstone used to clean the decks of a wooden ship. [2 definitions]
Holy Synod the governing body of any of the Eastern Orthodox churches, composed of bishops under the authority of a patriarch.
holy water in the Roman Catholic Church, water blessed by a priest and used for certain religious purposes.
Holy Week the week immediately before Easter Sunday.
Holy Writ the Bible; Scriptures.
homage special respect, honor, or esteem, publicly displayed or expressed. [2 definitions]
hombre (Spanish) a man.
homburg a felt hat that has a stiff, shallow, slightly curled brim and a soft creased crown.
home the place where one lives or dwells. [16 definitions]
homebody someone whose interests and activities are centered in the home.
homebred raised or bred domestically; native. [2 definitions]
home-brew any alcoholic beverage, esp. beer, that is prepared at home.
homecoming a return to one's home. [2 definitions]
home-cooked prepared and cooked at home.