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holy orders the rite of ordination into the priesthood. [3 definitions]
Holy Roman Empire the empire of central European, Germanic-speaking nations and Italy, beginning with Charlemagne's reign as Roman emperor in 800 A.D. or the crowning of Otto I in 962, and ending in 1806.
Holy Scripture (sometimes pl.) the Bible, esp. the Old and New Testaments.
Holy See the office or jurisdiction of the pope; Apostolic See.
Holy Spirit the third member of the Christian Trinity; Holy Ghost.
holystone a flat piece of soft sandstone used to clean the decks of a wooden ship. [2 definitions]
Holy Synod the governing body of any of the Eastern Orthodox churches, composed of bishops under the authority of a patriarch.
holy water in the Roman Catholic Church, water blessed by a priest and used for certain religious purposes.
Holy Week the week immediately before Easter Sunday.
Holy Writ the Bible; Scriptures.
homage special respect, honor, or esteem, publicly displayed or expressed. [2 definitions]
hombre (Spanish) a man.
homburg a felt hat that has a stiff, shallow, slightly curled brim and a soft creased crown.
home the place where one lives or dwells. [16 definitions]
homebody someone whose interests and activities are centered in the home.
homebred raised or bred domestically; native. [2 definitions]
home-brew any alcoholic beverage, esp. beer, that is prepared at home.
homecoming a return to one's home. [2 definitions]
home-cooked prepared and cooked at home.
home economics the skills and art of managing a home, including nutrition, interior design, and child development. [2 definitions]
home fries sliced raw or boiled potatoes fried in oil or shortening; home fried potatoes.