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Homer an actual or legendary Greek poet (about the eighth century B.C.).
homer (informal) in baseball, a home run. [2 definitions]
home range the area usu. covered by an animal during the course of a day or season.
Homeric of, concerning, or resembling Homer or esp. his poetry. [2 definitions]
homeroom a school classroom where students meet at the beginning of the school day for attendance and announcements.
home rule the principle or practice of self-government by the citizens of a country, state, or city, esp. as granted by a controlling authority.
home run in baseball, a hit that allows the batter enough time to touch all four bases in succession and score a run.
homesick yearning for one's home.
homespun of cloth or yarn, made or spun at home. [4 definitions]
homestead a house and the surrounding land and outbuildings, esp. a farm. [4 definitions]
homesteader someone who lawfully claims and settles on a piece of land. [2 definitions]
homestead law any law prohibiting forced sale or seizure of a homestead to settle debt. [2 definitions]
homestretch the last, straight portion of a racetrack, leading to the finish line. [2 definitions]
hometown the town or city in which one was born or grew up, or in which one has presently lived for a considerable time.
home video equipment having to do with the playing or recording of videocassettes or videodiscs in the home, or a videocassette or videodisc viewed in the home.
homeward to or toward home. [2 definitions]
homework schoolwork that is assigned to be done at home rather than at school.
homey pleasant, comfortable, or cozy; like home.
homicide the act of killing another person; murder. [2 definitions]
homiletics (used with a sing. verb) the art of composing and delivering homilies or sermons; art of preaching.
homily a sermon giving religious instruction. [2 definitions]