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homing pigeon a kind of pigeon that is trained to return to its home roost, and that can deliver messages over long distances.
hominid any member of the family of two-legged primates that includes all humans and their ancestors.
hominize to cause to change so as to be compatible with mankind as it evolves. [2 definitions]
hominoid a member of a superfamily that includes the great apes and humans. [2 definitions]
hominy hulled kernels of dried corn, often ground and cooked with water.
homo- same; similar.
Homo erectus (Latin) an extinct species of the human race that had a fairly small brain and an upright stance. (See Pithecanthropus.)
homoeroticism sexual desire for one of the same sex; homosexuality.
homogamy the characteristic of a plant that has flowers or florets all of one sex. [3 definitions]
homogeneity the state or quality of being made up of the same or similar elements.
homogeneous having all parts of the same or a similar type. (Cf. heterogeneous.) [2 definitions]
homogenize to make the same throughout in structure, nature, or consistency; make homogeneous. [2 definitions]
homogenous having a similar structure because of developing from the same origin.
homograph a word that has the same spelling as another but a different origin and meaning.
homologize to cause or demonstrate to be homologous. [2 definitions]
homologous corresponding structurally, often because of a common evolutionary origin.
homology the state, condition, or quality of being homologous. [2 definitions]
homolosine projection a map of the earth's surface, characterized by accurate representation of the continents that results in some distortion of the oceans.
homomorphism similarity or resemblance of size, form, or appearance.
homonym a word pronounced and often spelled the same as another but having a different meaning.
homophile a homosexual person. [2 definitions]