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houri a beautiful young woman. [2 definitions]
hourlong lasting an hour.
hourly done or occurring every hour. [5 definitions]
house a building, usually with one set of connecting rooms, designed to be lived in by one family or one group of people, or a building that resembles this. [12 definitions]
house arrest legal confinement of a person under arrest in his or her home, a hospital, or a public building rather than in jail or prison.
houseboat a bargelike boat that has been constructed and equipped for use as a home.
housebreak to train (an animal) to eliminate waste matter either outdoors or in another designated place.
housebreaking the act or process of breaking into a house illegally with intent to steal.
housebroken trained, as a house pet, to urinate and excrete outside of the house or only in designated areas.
housecleaning the cleaning of a house and its furnishings, esp. when done thoroughly. [2 definitions]
housecoat a woman's casual robe worn only in the home, often over a nightgown or pajamas.
housedress a simple, inexpensive dress worn while working around the house.
housefly a fly that is commonly found in and around human dwellings and is known to spread a number of diseases.
houseful all that a house can hold.
household the group of people, such as a family, that lives in a particular dwelling. [4 definitions]
householder a person who owns, rents, or occupies a house. [2 definitions]
household word a well-known, commonly used word, phrase, name, or thing.
househusband a married man whose primary occupation is managing the cooking, cleaning, and other necessary duties of his family's household.
housekeeper a person, often an employee, who performs or oversees the tasks required to take care of a home.
housekeeping the carrying out of ordinary household tasks. [3 definitions]
houseleek any of several plants that have thick fleshy leaves and bear yellow, pink, or red flowers, esp. one that grows in the roofs and walls of houses in Europe and Asia.