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howdah a seat, usu. equipped with a railing and canopy, designed for riding on the back of an elephant or camel.
howdy hello; how are you (an expression of greeting).
however in spite of that; nevertheless. [6 definitions]
howitzer a cannon that has a short barrel and is used for firing shells at high angles of elevation and low speeds.
howl to utter or make a long, loud, mournful sound like that of a wolf or dog. [8 definitions]
howler any person or thing that howls. [3 definitions]
howling uttering or producing the sound of a howl. [3 definitions]
how're (informal) contracted form of "how are".
how's (informal) contracted form of "how is".
howsoever in whatever manner, or by whatever means. [2 definitions]
how-to (informal) providing basic directions and instructions for doing or making something.
how've (informal) contracted form of "how have".
hoyden a girl or young woman who has a rowdy, outspoken, or boisterous manner. [2 definitions]
Hoyle a popular instruction and rule book, esp. for card games, the first edition of which was written by Edmond Hoyle in the eighteenth century.
hp abbreviation of "horsepower," a unit of energy equal to 746 watts or 550 foot-pounds per second, used in measuring the power of engines.
HQ abbreviation of "headquarters."
HR an abbreviation for human resources.
hr. abbreviation of "hour" or "hours," a unit of time equal to sixty minutes.
HRH abbreviation of "Her Royal Highness" or "His Royal Highness."
H.S. abbreviation of "High School," a school consisting of grades nine or ten through twelve or, formerly, grades seven through twelve (used in a proper name).
HST abbreviation of "Hawaiian-Aleution Standard Time," the standard time used in Hawaii and the Aleutian Islands, ten hours behind Greenwich time.