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hummock a low, rounded mound or knoll of earth, esp. in a low-lying marsh. [2 definitions]
hummus a Middle Eastern dish consisting of mashed chickpeas, garlic, and tahini, used esp. as a dip or spread.
humongous (slang) enormously large; great; of great extent.
humor a quality that evokes laughter or amusement. [5 definitions]
humoral of, concerning, or arising from any of the bodily fluids.
humoresque a light or whimsical musical composition.
humorist one who is esp. skilled and practiced in the use of humor in such activities as writing or acting. [2 definitions]
humorless combined form of humor.
humorous having the character or quality of humor; comical. [2 definitions]
humour a spelling of humor used in Canada and Britain. See humor for more information.
hump a rounded projection or bulge, esp. a fleshy one, as is found on the back of a camel or on the back of a person who has a spinal deformity. [6 definitions]
humpback a back that has a hump. [3 definitions]
humph used to express disdain, doubt, surprise, or displeasure.
Humpty Dumpty (sometimes l.c.) an English nursery rhyme character shaped like a large egg, who fell off a wall, broke into pieces, and could not be reassembled.
humus a dark organic material, composed of partly decayed leaves and plants, that adds nutrients and water-retaining ability to soil.
Hun any of a fierce, warring Asian people who, under Attila and others, ravaged much of eastern and central Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. [2 definitions]
hunch to lift up or arch into a hump. [7 definitions]
hunchback the condition of having a humped back or extremely rounded shoulders, or the afflicted back itself. [2 definitions]
hundred the number represented by the Arabic numeral 100 and by the Roman numeral C. [4 definitions]
hundredfold having a hundred parts or elements. [3 definitions]
hundreds place in mathematics, the place three to the left of the decimal point of a number.