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humor a quality that evokes laughter or amusement. [5 definitions]
humoral of, concerning, or arising from any of the bodily fluids.
humoresque a light or whimsical musical composition.
humorist one who is esp. skilled and practiced in the use of humor in such activities as writing or acting. [2 definitions]
humorless combined form of humor.
humorous having the character or quality of humor; comical. [2 definitions]
humour a spelling of humor used in Canada and Britain. See humor for more information.
hump a rounded projection or bulge, esp. a fleshy one, as is found on the back of a camel or on the back of a person who has a spinal deformity. [6 definitions]
humpback a back that has a hump. [3 definitions]
humph used to express disdain, doubt, surprise, or displeasure.
Humpty Dumpty (sometimes l.c.) an English nursery rhyme character shaped like a large egg, who fell off a wall, broke into pieces, and could not be reassembled.
humus a dark organic material, composed of partly decayed leaves and plants, that adds nutrients and water-retaining ability to soil.
Hun any of a fierce, warring Asian people who, under Attila and others, ravaged much of eastern and central Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. [2 definitions]
hunch to lift up or arch into a hump. [7 definitions]
hunchback the condition of having a humped back or extremely rounded shoulders, or the afflicted back itself. [2 definitions]
hundred the number represented by the Arabic numeral 100 and by the Roman numeral C. [4 definitions]
hundredfold having a hundred parts or elements. [3 definitions]
hundreds place in mathematics, the place three to the left of the decimal point of a number.
hundredth indicating rank or position between ninety-ninth and one hundred and first. [3 definitions]
hundredweight a unit of weight equal to one hundred pounds or 45.359 kilograms in the United States and 112 pounds or 50.8 kilograms in Great Britain and Canada.
Hundred Years' War the series of wars fought between England and France from about the middle of the fourteenth century to the middle of the fifteenth century, which cost England most of its holdings in France.