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hunger the need or desire for food. [5 definitions]
hunger strike a refusal to eat, as by a prisoner or protester, until certain conditions or demands are met.
hungry feeling a need or desire for food. [5 definitions]
hunk a large, crude, or clumsy piece; chunk. [2 definitions]
hunker (informal) to hide and wait until an unfavorable circumstance or situation is over (usu. fol. by "down"). [2 definitions]
hunt to pursue (game animals) for food or sport. [8 definitions]
hunt down to search for rigorously and find.
hunter one who hunts. [2 definitions]
hunter's moon the first full moon following the harvest moon, usu. in late October.
hunting the act or sport of chasing wild animals for the purpose of capturing or killing them.
hunting knife a large sharp knife carried by hunters and used esp. to skin, gut, and cut up game.
Huntington's chorea an inheritable disorder of the nervous system causing progressive deterioration of the mental processes.
huntress a female hunter.
huntsman a male hunter. [2 definitions]
hurdle a movable or fixed barrier over which a runner or horse must leap in the course of certain races. [6 definitions]
hurdy-gurdy a barrel organ or other musical instrument that is played by turning a crank. [2 definitions]
hurl to throw forcefully. [5 definitions]
hurly-burly a loud, busy, confused commotion; uproar; tumult. [2 definitions]
Huron Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes, northeast of the state of Michigan. [3 definitions]
hurrah used as an exclamation of joy, approval, triumph, encouragement, or the like. [4 definitions]
hurricane a powerful cyclonic storm that originates in the West Indian region of the Atlantic Ocean and that has heavy rains and winds exceeding seventy-three miles, or 119 kilometers, per hour.