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hyperactive abnormally active or overstimulated.
hyperacuity combined form of acuity.
hyperacute combined form of acute.
hyperaggressive combined form of aggressive.
hyperalert combined form of alert.
hyperarid combined form of arid.
hyperarousal combined form of arousal.
hyperaware combined form of aware.
hyperawareness combined form of awareness.
hyperbola a conic section consisting of two identical but opposite curves, which may be defined as the set of all points in a plane such that the distances of each point to two defined foci have a constant difference.
hyperbole in rhetoric, an obvious and deliberate exaggeration or overstatement, intended for effect and not to be taken literally, such as "He had a million excuses". (Cf. litotes.)
hyperbolic of or employing hyperbole; exaggerating. [2 definitions]
hyperbolize to use hyperbole or exaggeration in speaking or writing. [2 definitions]
hyperborean one who lives in an extreme northern region. [4 definitions]
hypercalcemia an abnormally high concentration of calcium in the blood.
hypercatabolism combined form of catabolism.
hypercautious combined form of cautious.
hypercharged combined form of charged.
hypercivilized combined form of civilized.
hypercoagulability combined form of coagulability.
hypercoagulable combined form of coagulable.