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immortalize to make immortal; endow with unending life or fame.
immortelle a plant whose flowers retain their color when dried.
immovable incapable of being moved; fixed. [5 definitions]
immune resistant to a disease, either naturally or by medical means. [3 definitions]
immune body an antibody.
immune system the bodily system of organs, tissues, cells, and cell products, which protects the body by detecting the presence of, and disabling, disease-causing agents in the body.
immunity the state or condition of being immune to a disease. [2 definitions]
immunize to cause to be immune, as by vaccination.
immunocompromised having an impaired or weakened immune system, as by disease or drugs.
immunogenic producing immunity.
immunoglobulin a protein of the immune system that acts as an antibody.
immunology the branch of medicine concerned with antibody production and resistance to disease.
immunosuppressive of drugs, tending to suppress the natural immune response.
immure to confine within or as though within walls; shut in. [2 definitions]
immutable not subject to change; unchanging or unchangeable.
imp a little demon or evil spirit. [2 definitions]
imp. abbreviation of "import," "imported," or "importer." [2 definitions]
impact a forceful coming together of two objects or bodies. [4 definitions]
impacted forced closely into. [2 definitions]
impair to weaken, damage, or cause to diminish in value or quality.
impala a reddish brown African antelope known for its ability to leap and for the long, ridged, curved horns of the male.