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inaccurate not correct, true, or precise.
inaction lack of action; passiveness or idleness.
inactivate to render inactive or unable to function or spread; halt the activity or operation of.
inactive not moving or operating; inert; quiescent. [3 definitions]
inadequacy the condition, fact, or an instance of being inadequate.
inadequate insufficient or below standard.
inadmissible not allowed, as certain kinds of evidence in a legal proceeding.
in advance beforehand.
inadvertence the state or condition of not paying attention; inattention. [2 definitions]
inadvertent inattentive, or resulting from inattention. [2 definitions]
inadvisable not wise or prudent.
in a hurry needing to move quickly to do something.
inalienable not subject to transfer, surrender, or removal, esp. one's rights as a citizen.
inalienable rights fundamental rights that cannot be removed, surrendered, or transferred to another person. The Declaration of Independence identifies "life, liberty, and the pursuit of independence" as inalienable rights.
in all probability very likely; quite probably.
inamorata a woman who is loved, in a romantic sense.
inane devoid of meaning or substance; nonsensical.
inanimate not having or showing the characteristics associated with life; lifeless. [2 definitions]
inanition a state of exhaustion caused by a lack of nourishment. [2 definitions]
inanity the state or condition of being inane; silliness or emptiness. [2 definitions]
in a nutshell in a few words; briefly.