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inapt not apt or appropriate. [2 definitions]
inarguable not able to be argued or refuted.
in a row one after another.
inarticulate not comprehensible as spoken language. [5 definitions]
inartistic not in accordance with artistic standards or principles; lacking artistry.
inasmuch as in light of the fact that; because; since. [2 definitions]
inattention lack of attentiveness; neglect.
inattentive not giving proper attention or regard; neglectful.
inaudible not capable of being heard; not audible.
inaugural of or associated with an inauguration. [4 definitions]
inaugurate to install in office with a formal ceremony. [3 definitions]
inauguration a formal beginning or start.
Inauguration Day the day the President of the United States is inaugurated, January 20 following the presidential election.
inauspicious showing little or no promise of success; unfavorable.
inauthentic not authentic.
in back behind.
inboard located inside the main body of a vessel or aircraft. (Cf. outboard.) [4 definitions]
inborn present at birth; inherited.
inbound moving in an inward direction; inward bound.
inbred deep-seated as a result of early training, experience, or inheritance. [2 definitions]
inbreed to produce as offspring of closely related individuals. [3 definitions]