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inceptive incipient, beginning, or initial. [3 definitions]
incertitude lack of confidence or certainty; doubt.
incessant never ceasing; continual.
incest sexual intercourse between people too closely related to legally marry.
incestuous of, involving, or guilty of incest.
inch a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot or 2.54 centimeters. (abbr.: in.) [3 definitions]
in chancery involved in litigation before a chancery court. [2 definitions]
in charge having the power and responsibility for making decisions concerning something.
inchmeal by small increments; little by little. (See piecemeal.)
inchoate in an early stage of existence. [2 definitions]
inchoative in grammar, of or denoting a verb or verb form that indicates the beginning of an action or state, as "got working" in "It finally got working"; inceptive. [2 definitions]
in chorus all together; in unison.
inchworm a wormlike moth larva that alternately arches and stretches its body as it moves.
incidence the frequency with which something happens or the range over which it occurs. [3 definitions]
incident a single event. [4 definitions]
incidental happening or likely to happen concurrently or in connection with something else but as a subordinate or less important element. [4 definitions]
incidentally apart from the main subject; by the way. [2 definitions]
incinerate to consume by fire; burn completely.
incineration the complete burning of something.
incinerator a furnace for burning refuse.
incipient starting to exist or become apparent; in an early stage of development.