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inconclusive not providing absolute proof. [2 definitions]
incongruent in math, not corresponding or coinciding, as two geometrical figures. [2 definitions]
incongruity the condition of being inappropriate or inconsistent. [2 definitions]
incongruous not suitable or fitting; out of place. [3 definitions]
inconsequent not following logically, as from a premise. [4 definitions]
inconsequential of little or no consequence; not important.
inconsiderable too small or valueless to be worthy of attention; insignificant.
inconsiderate lacking in thoughtfulness or consideration for others.
inconsistency an instance of contradiction or illogic. [2 definitions]
inconsistent not following a regular pattern; variable. [2 definitions]
inconsolable not able to be comforted, or incapable of being relieved by comforting.
inconsonant not in harmony or accord.
inconspicuous not obvious or readily apparent; easily overlooked.
inconstant changeable, esp. frequently and at random; not faithful or reliable.
incontestable not subject to dispute or questioning.
incontinent incapable of controlling urination and defecation. [2 definitions]
incontrovertible not able to be questioned or disputed.
inconvenience the condition or quality of being awkward or troublesome. [3 definitions]
inconvenient causing extra effort or time. [3 definitions]
inconvertible not capable of being exchanged for coin, as paper currency.
incorporate to include or blend into a larger thing that already exists. [5 definitions]