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inconsistent not following a regular pattern; variable. [2 definitions]
inconsolable not able to be comforted, or incapable of being relieved by comforting.
inconsonant not in harmony or accord.
inconspicuous not obvious or readily apparent; easily overlooked.
inconstant changeable, esp. frequently and at random; not faithful or reliable.
incontestable not subject to dispute or questioning.
incontinent incapable of controlling urination and defecation. [2 definitions]
incontrovertible not able to be questioned or disputed.
inconvenience the condition or quality of being awkward or troublesome. [3 definitions]
inconvenient causing extra effort or time. [3 definitions]
inconvertible not capable of being exchanged for coin, as paper currency.
incorporate to include or blend into a larger thing that already exists. [5 definitions]
incorporeal without material being; bodiless; insubstantial.
incorrect factually wrong. [3 definitions]
incorrigible incapable of being controlled or influenced for the better. [3 definitions]
incorrupt free from corruption, taint, or error.
incorruptible having unshakable moral strength. [2 definitions]
increase to make larger or more numerous. [6 definitions]
increased greater in number, degree, or amount than before.
increasing growing in number or amount.
increasingly more and more; to a greater and greater degree.