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incudes pl. of incus.
inculcate to implant in someone's mind by earnest and frequent repetition; instill (usu. fol. by "in"). [2 definitions]
inculpable free of guilt or blame.
inculpate to charge with or involve in a charge of wrongdoing; incriminate.
incumbency the quality or condition of being incumbent. [3 definitions]
incumbent currently holding an office or position. [4 definitions]
incunabula existing copies of books printed or made before 1500. [3 definitions]
incunabulum a book produced before the first days of printing with movable type, around 150l. [2 definitions]
incur to become liable for or bring upon oneself (usu. some unwanted or harmful consequence).
incurable that cannot be cured. [2 definitions]
incurious feeling or showing no curiosity or interest.
incursion a raid or sudden invasion. [2 definitions]
incurve to curve inward. [2 definitions]
incus the small middle bone of the mammalian middle ear, shaped like an anvil.
indebted obligated to another person or persons, as for money or favors.
indebtedness the condition of being indebted. [2 definitions]
indecency the quality or state of being indecent. [2 definitions]
indecent not in accord with accepted standards of morality, propriety, or taste; improper or vulgar.
indecipherable not able to be deciphered.
indecision inability or unwillingness to make a decision.
indecisive not definite or conclusive. [2 definitions]