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indexation the automatic adjustment of wages, prices, interest rates, or other economic factors to a cost-of-living index.
index finger the finger between the thumb and the longest finger; forefinger.
index fossil any fossil used as a reference to correlate and date rock strata and the fossils found in them.
India a large Asian country surrounded on three sides by the Indian Ocean. [2 definitions]
India ink a black pigment made of lampblack and glue or size and shaped into cakes or sticks. [2 definitions]
Indian a native or citizen of India, or a descendant thereof. [4 definitions]
Indiana a Midwestern U.S. state between Illinois and Ohio. (abbr.: IN)
Indian agent a U.S. government official responsible for dealing with American Indian tribes, esp. on reservations.
Indianapolis the capital of Indiana.
Indian bread see corn bread. [2 definitions]
Indian club a wood or metal club with a long neck, like a bottle, used for hand and arm exercises.
Indian corn corn; maize.
Indian file in single file, usu. walking.
Indian meal cornmeal.
Indian millet a type of grain sorghum with slender stalks; durra.
Indian Ocean an ocean south of Asia that stretches from Africa to Australia; Indian.
Indian paintbrush any of several herbs of the southwestern United States that bear bright orange or red spiky flowers.
Indian pipe an almost leafless waxy white plant, related to heath, that lives on decayed organic matter, bears a single white flower on each stalk, and looks like a tobacco pipe.
Indian pudding a baked pudding made of cornmeal, with milk and molasses.
Indian summer a late period of warm dry sunny weather, usu. in late fall or early winter.
Indian tobacco a poisonous North American annual, related to the bellflower, that bears light blue flowers and puffed seed pods.