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indigo a blue dye obtained from various plants or made synthetically. [3 definitions]
indigo bunting a small finchlike bird of North and Central America, the male of which is dark blue.
indirect not in a straight line, course, or route. [3 definitions]
indirect discourse an indirect statement of what someone said, rather than an exact quotation, that has been altered to conform grammatically to the context in which it is made, as in "She said that she was leaving".
indirection an indirect or roundabout act, remark, procedure, or the like. [2 definitions]
indirect lighting lighting not directed at the object or area to be illuminated, but rather reflected, as off a ceiling, or diffused.
indirect object in grammar, the element of a sentence that represents a person or thing that is indirectly affected by the action of the verb, such as "him" in "I made him some tea". (Cf. direct object, subject.)
indirect tax a tax not levied on those who ultimately bear the cost, such as a tax on a manufacturer that is passed on to the consumer through higher prices.
indiscernible difficult to detect or perceive.
indiscreet lacking judgment, prudence, or restraint, esp. in regard to the rights or feelings of other people.
indiscretion lack of judgment, prudence, or restraint, esp. in regard to the rights or feelings of other people. [3 definitions]
indiscriminate lacking in judgment and discernment; making no distinctions. [2 definitions]
indispensable absolutely necessary; essential. [2 definitions]
indispose to cause unwillingness or disinclination in; make averse. [3 definitions]
indisposed slightly and temporarily ill, as with indigestion or a cold. [2 definitions]
indisposition the condition of being physically indisposed; illness, usu. minor. [2 definitions]
indisputable not subject to being disputed or denied; unquestionable.
indissoluble that cannot be broken apart or undone; firm and lasting. [2 definitions]
indistinct not clearly defined or delineated; vague; blurred. [2 definitions]
indistinguishable without distinguishing marks or characteristics. [2 definitions]
indite to put (a speech, story, or the like) into words or writing.