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Indo-Hittite a language family that includes, and is considered to be a forerunner of, Indo-European and Anatolian.
Indo-Iranian a subgroup of the Indo-European family of languages that includes Farsi, Kurdish, and the languages of the Indian subcontinent.
indolence the tendency to avoid exertion or effort; laziness.
indolent inclined to avoid exertion or effort; lazy. [3 definitions]
indomitable too strong to be subdued or discouraged; unconquerable.
Indonesia an island country south of Indochina and the Philippines.
Indonesian a native or citizen of Indonesia, or a descendant thereof. [4 definitions]
indoor located or happening inside a house or building.
indoors in or into a building, usu. one's home.
indorse variant of endorse.
Indra the Hindu god of rain and thunder, and the chief Vedic deity.
indubitable without question; certain.
induce to persuade or influence, as to a course of action. [4 definitions]
inducement the act or process of inducing. [2 definitions]
induct to install in an office or position, esp. through a formal ceremony. [3 definitions]
inductance a circuit or device, such as an induction coil, in which a change in the current generates an electromotive force. [2 definitions]
inductee one who has been inducted into military service.
inductile not easily bent or shaped.
induction the act or process of inducing. [3 definitions]
induction coil a transformer for converting an interrupted low-voltage direct current to an intermittent high-voltage alternating current, as in some automotive ignitions.
induction heating the induction of an electric current, through the application of an alternating magnetic field, to heat a conducting material.