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infielder a baseball player whose position is in the infield.
infighting combat at close range, as in boxing. [2 definitions]
infiltrate to go into or through as though by filtering, esp. for destructive purposes. [4 definitions]
infiltration the slow passage of liquid through a filter or pores. [2 definitions]
infinite having no bounds or limits; not measurable; limitless. [3 definitions]
infinitesimal of a thing or quantity, too small to be measured or calculated. [2 definitions]
infinitive in grammar, the form of a verb that is unmarked for person, tense, or aspect, and that functions as a noun, adjective, or complement, such as "to leave" in "To leave now would be a mistake". [2 definitions]
infinitude the quality or condition of being infinite. [2 definitions]
infinity the character or condition of being infinite. [5 definitions]
infirm weak or ill, as from old age. [2 definitions]
infirmary a place for the care of the ill or injured, such as a hospital or clinic, or a space devoted to such care in an institutional residence such as a school or camp.
infirmity a physical weakness, disability, or illness. [3 definitions]
infix to fasten, set, or drive in. [5 definitions]
in flagrante delicto see flagrante delicto.
inflame to excite, arouse, or intensify (the emotions or passions). [4 definitions]
inflammable capable of catching fire and burning, or easy to set aflame and burn; flammable. [2 definitions]
inflammation the act or an instance of being inflamed. [2 definitions]
inflammatory tending to arouse and excite the emotions, or call forth an emotional response. [2 definitions]
inflate to enlarge, expand, or distend. [5 definitions]
inflation an increase in the average price level. [2 definitions]
inflationary of, pertaining to, or causing economic inflation.