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-ing1 used to form the present participle of verbs.
-ing2 activity, or an instance or result of (such) activity. [2 definitions]
in general not considering details that do not agree with the rule; usually; generally. [2 definitions]
ingenious having or showing cleverness or creativity, esp. in designing or in solving problems. [2 definitions]
ingénue an inexperienced or artless girl or the role of a such a girl in a dramatic presentation. [2 definitions]
ingenuity the quality or an instance of being ingenious; cleverness; creativity. [2 definitions]
ingenuous having or showing simplicity and lack of sophistication; artless. [2 definitions]
ingest to take in to the body through the mouth.
inglenook a corner, or a bench therein, for sitting by a recessed fireplace.
inglorious bringing shame or disgrace; shameful; dishonorable.
ingoing going in; entering.
ingot a mass of metal cast into a shape that makes it easily handled or stored, or the mold in which it is cast.
ingraft variant of engraft.
ingrain to impress (habits, ideas, values, or the like) deeply and firmly in one's nature or mind. [4 definitions]
ingrained firmly impressed or fixed. [2 definitions]
ingrate an ungrateful person.
ingratiate to seek or secure another's favor or approval for (oneself) (usu. fol. by "with").
ingratiating having a charming or winning quality. [2 definitions]
ingratitude the condition or an instance of being ungrateful.
ingredient one of the substances or elements in a mixture. [2 definitions]
ingress the act of going in. [3 definitions]