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inglorious bringing shame or disgrace; shameful; dishonorable.
ingoing going in; entering.
ingot a mass of metal cast into a shape that makes it easily handled or stored, or the mold in which it is cast.
ingraft variant of engraft.
ingrain to impress (habits, ideas, values, or the like) deeply and firmly in one's nature or mind. [4 definitions]
ingrained firmly impressed or fixed. [2 definitions]
ingrate an ungrateful person.
ingratiate to seek or secure another's favor or approval for (oneself) (usu. fol. by "with").
ingratiating having a charming or winning quality. [2 definitions]
ingratitude the condition or an instance of being ungrateful.
ingredient one of the substances or elements in a mixture. [2 definitions]
ingress the act of going in. [3 definitions]
in-group a group of people with common interests or attitudes who tend to exclude those with different interests or attitudes.
ingrowing growing into, inward, or within, as a toenail into the flesh.
ingrown having turned and grown into the flesh, as a toenail or hair. [2 definitions]
inguinal of, concerning, or in the groin.
inhabit to live in; use as a dwelling. [2 definitions]
inhabitable of a place, able to be lived in by humans or animals.
inhabitant one that permanently lives in a place; resident.
inhabited having residents; populated.
inhalant something used for inhaling, such as an inhaling device, or something inhaled, such as a medicine.