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inordinate beyond the bounds of reason; excessive. [2 definitions]
inorganic lacking the qualities, structure, and composition of living organisms; inanimate. [3 definitions]
inosculate to join (blood vessels) by small openings at the ends, or to intertwine (fibers). [2 definitions]
inositol a hydrocarbon alcohol essential for metabolism, sometimes considered a vitamin of the vitamin B complex and found in most animal and vegetable foods.
in particular special or specific.
in passing briefly; incidentally.
inpatient someone who lives in a hospital during treatment.
in perpetuum (Latin) forever.
in person in one's actual physical presence.
in point of as regards.
in principle with regard to theory, aside from practical application.
in print in the form of printed language; published. [2 definitions]
in private in the view or presence only of the person or people concerned.
in progress in the process of happening; taking place; occurring.
in public in the view or presence of other people, esp. the general public.
input that which is put in, such as power or energy to a machine, or information or data to a computer. [6 definitions]
inquest a legal investigation, usu. involving a jury, esp. a coroner's investigation of a suspicious death. [3 definitions]
in question that is being considered or disputed.
inquietude restlessness or uneasiness.
inquire to ask in order to find out or learn (something). [3 definitions]
inquiringly in an inquiring manner.