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in so many words explicitly; precisely.
in someone's bad graces having the disfavor and disapproval of someone.
in someone's good graces having the favor and approval of someone.
insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep, esp. as a persistent problem.
insomniac a person who has chronic difficulty in getting to sleep. [3 definitions]
insomuch to such an extent or degree (usu. fol. by "that"). [2 definitions]
insouciant having no cares or anxieties; light-hearted; carefree.
in specie in coin. [2 definitions]
inspect to look at very carefully, esp. to assess any damage or imperfection. [2 definitions]
inspection the act or an instance of inspecting. [2 definitions]
inspector one who inspects, often in an official capacity. [2 definitions]
inspector general an investigative officer within a government organization, whose duty is to report on the operation of that organization.
inspiration an action, thought, person, or other influence that inspires. [3 definitions]
inspirational of, concerning, causing, or caused by inspiration.
inspire to arouse feelings of exaltation in. [7 definitions]
inspiring causing an elevation in one's desire to accomplish or create something, or to make a positive change in one's life or attitude.
inspirit to fill with spirit or courage; hearten.
inspissate to thicken, as by evaporation; condense.
in spite of regardless of; notwithstanding.
inst. abbreviation of "institute" or "institution."
instability the state or quality of being unsteady or unstable; lack of stability.