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interaction action each upon the other or others; reciprocal action, influence, or effect.
interactive acting or able to act with one another or upon one another. [2 definitions]
interactive whiteboard a large electronic display surface that is positioned on a wall or stand and connected with a computer and projector, allowing for the projection of a computer's screen onto the display. As the display is sensitive to touch, a user can direct the computer and control what is seen on the board by touching the surface with a stylus, finger, or the like.
inter-African combined form of African.
interagency combined form of agency.
inter alia (Latin) among other things.
interallelic combined form of allelic.
inter-American combined form of American.
interannual combined form of annual.
interassociation combined form of association.
interatomic combined form of atomic.
interbasin combined form of basin.
interbehavior combined form of behavior.
interbehavioral combined form of behavioral.
interborough combined form of borough.
interbranch combined form of branch.
interbreed to cause to breed with an individual of a different kind or species; crossbreed. [4 definitions]
intercalary of a day or month, inserted into the calendar to bring the calendar year into correspondence with the solar year. [2 definitions]
intercalate to insert (an extra day or month) in the calendar. [2 definitions]
intercalibration combined form of calibration.
intercampus combined form of campus.